NEW IN: Acrylic Beauty Organizers

Size: 7x4x6 inches.
I had been bargain-hunting for a week to score the cheapest organizers around the online marketplace. And so far, I'm happy with my purchases. Acrylic organizers are selling like pancakes. In fact, one of my favorite online shops always run out of stock. So I was really glad when they restocked their acrylic drawers with detachable cosmetic holder which is being sold for only Php 350. You can get this at Little Emily.

Landmark is selling this for Php 375 (without the cosmetic holder that you can place on top of the drawer). I still find it too pricey because this item is not that big. So when I learned that Little Emily is selling these drawers that comes with makeup holder for a much lower price, I immediately placed my order.

I think National Bookstore is selling this for Php 275. Good thing I saw Little Emily's facebook update - I have saved Php 300.

I actually want to buy a lipstick holder with 9 compartments which cost around Php 150. But this one has six + 3 other spaces which are great for holding my other makeup. 

They also have this set of organizers which is being sold for Php 550 but is currently out-of-stock. I always check their multiply site just to window shop because they have cute and affordable items. I'm planning to buy there again! 

And lastly, I also found a bargain. I saw Say's blog post about 13th Shoe St.'s makeup holders. The store sells the organizers for only Php 180 each, and they do also have the lipstick holder with 24 compartments!

I don't own a lot of single brushes actually, so this one is perfect for the meantime. And I kinda like the design. 

The organizers from Little Emily are made of thick materials and feel durable while the one from 13th Shoe St. feels like thin plastic. Overall, I can say that the two stores have the best prices so far! 

Comment away! Share a link of an online shop you know where I could find makeup organizers with the best pricesAcryli :)

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  1. I loved these type of acrylic containers!^_~