NEW IN: e.l.f. cosmetic products

When my sister told me that she's coming home from U.S., I did not pass up the chance to ask her to buy me some makeup. I don't have the funds to buy some high-end products there even if they're cheaper in the U.S., so I just opted for e.l.f. products they only cost $1 to $3!

Here's what I got from e.l.f.:

Studio Lip Exfoliator. Because I love wearing lipstick daily, I feel the need to bring with me a travel-friendly and no-mess lip scrub.

Studio Powder Brush. I love flat top brushes, and this is the softest brush I own to date. I can't wait to use this for applying my liquid foundation.

Studio HD Blush in Superstar. This one is very pigmented and has a few shimmers that are almost unnoticeable.

Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in Antigua. I actually don't use pink powder blush, but I already have one in peach shade so I went for pink this time. It also has tiny shimmers, more like glitters actually. I don't like shimmers on my face, but I do hope it will give me a flushed look instead of shimmery. 

My sister only spent $12 (Php 487) for these items. Products from e.l.f.'s Studio line here in our country cost around Php 245. That's roughly worth a thousand pesos for four items! 

What are the best e.l.f. products you have tried and would recommend to me? I have medium skin tone with yellow undertone. Leave a comment below :)


  1. the lip exfoliator seems really interesting! ^_~

  2. Thankyou for sharing this post!! this is so helpful, i always afraid on getting tricked into buying fake stuffs.

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