NEW IN: Artist Studio Makeup Brushes

I know there are lots of blog posts already about these amazing brushes found at Landmark, but I just want to give my own review about them. Let's start with the bigger brushes first. I don't have the other small brushes from Artist Studio because I don't really apply eye shadows and eyeliner, and I really love collecting big brushes! They don't really have names on them so I just identified them based on their appearance and how I normally use them. I also posted photos of side-by-side comparisons with my Beauty Cosmetics brush set from the Holiday Collection

I have seen an online shop selling a set of brushes similar to Artist Studio. But the set is too pricey while Artist Studio sells a bundle of their brushes for only Php 600+.
Let's start with my favorite brush! The angled flat top brush!


Angled flat top brush (Php 119.75)
Artists Studio angled flat top brush has shorter bristles than regular flat top kabuki brushes out there. Because of the shorter bristles, it gives the brush that compact and firm feel to it, that is why I use this to apply my liquid foundation. It gives me a flawless and even finish. It sometimes gives me streaks but only when I applied too much foundation. They said that when you use a stippling brush to apply your foundation, it gives you that airbrush finish. But we all know how tedious stippling is. And this brush right here makes my foundation routine quick and easy. Plus, I love that it gives me full coverage compared with using just your fingers. It's true that brushes make a lot of difference.

Look how dense the brush is!
 There's also a smaller version of this from another brand which is sold for Php 200+. But this one is perfect for me because of its bigger size, helping me to apply liquid foundation like a breeze. I'm planning to get another one for back-up.

Artist Studio angled flat top brush vs Beauty Cosmetics flat top brush


Artist Studio blush/powder brush (Php 99.75)

I honestly don't know what to call this one even it looks like a powder brush to me. However, Artist Studio has a bigger version of this so I assume it can be used for applying blush and finishing powder. Haha.
I don't actually use this one that much because I like buffing powder on my face using flat top brushes. Besides, it's not as dense as my flat top brush and powder brush from Beauty Cosmetics. But this one is not bad. I actually  use this to soften the lines of my bronzer when I contour my face. But I'd say you could skip purchasing this brush.

Artist Studio blush/powder brush vs Beauty Cosmetics powder brush

Artist Studio angled brush n (Php 79.75)
Not a favorite of mine, and it's also something that I don't hate. Because it is less dense than my Beauty Cosmetics angled brush, I use this one for contouring since it draws me that fine line. Occasionally, it gives me that obvious tail of blush line, but I still need to soften it up with another clean brush. 

Artist studio angled brush vs Beauty Cosmetics angled brush


Artist Studio foundation brush (Php 79.75)
 There's nothing exceptional about this brush, aside from its price. But hey I don't mean it as a bad thing. It works just like any foundation brush.  It only gives me minimal streaks compared with my Beauty Cosmetics foundation brush. So if you're looking for a good foundation brush that is super affordable! Then grab this one!

Artist Studio foundation brush vs Beauty Cosmetics foundation brush

Artist Studio crease brush (Php 49.75)
Here is my second favorite. It has shorter hairs than my Beauty Cosmetics crease/bullet brush. Aside from using this for crease eye color, I love using this one for contouring my nose. It basically performs just like my BC crease brush,  the only difference is, it is cheaper!

Artist Studio crease brush vs Beauty Cosmetics crease brush
The verdict: These makeup brushes from Artist Studio are perfect for everyday use. They are undeniably soft and don't shed! They also don't have that pungent odor even if they're fresh from the factory. What I love about them is that they have a wide selection of small brushes. However, surprisingly, they don't carry an eye shadow brush.

I don't really like the ferrules of these brushes, as I find them cheap-looking. But even for something that doesn't come with a high price tag, these brushes deliver results excellently! 


  1. oooh, looking at the price I think it is still a steal! ^_~

    1. Yes Janet :D too bad they are the fastest selling brushes at Landmark!

  2. Great find Miss Arra. Very affordable! I'm planning to buy brush set on my first sahod when I work na. Should I invest on pricey brush set or this brand is decent already for long time use? Thank you!

    1. Hi prinz! I believe these brushes will last you a long time. :) Thanks for visiting my blog xx

  3. Where can I buy this one?-diane

    1. Hi Diane, if you're from the Philippines you can those brushes at Landmark Trinoma and Landmark Makati. I believe these brushes are not available online. :)

  4. Hi, do you normally wash the new brushes prior to first use?

    1. Hi Xtin, for new brushes I only wash them with dish washing liquid, if they have that pungent smell I let them dry for a day and wash it again with the same dish washing liquid. Others wash their brushes with shampoo or conditioner.

    2. Hi Arra,
      thanks for your reply. This is the question that I wanna ask you too. @Xtin, thanks for asking :)
      ~Pauline @Kallony

  5. hi ms. arra,

    where did you purchase the beauty cosmetics brush. mukha kasing maganda yung flat buffing brush nila e.. parang very compact pero mura lang.

  6. Hi Ms. Ara,

    san nyo po nabili yung beauty cosmetics brush nyo?

    1. Hi hanachimera,

      I ordered them for Beauty Cosmetics online shop. Here's the link:

  7. Too bad there weren't any crease brushes left when I went there! So sad... nice blog btw. :)