Affordable MLBB Lip Sick: e.l.f. Essentials Lipstick in Seductive

Here's a quick review about e.l.f. Essentials lipstick in Seductive. The other shades that I wanted to buy were ClassyFlirtatious and Sociable. But I didn't get them because I have more than enough lipstick to use.

The shade Seductive is a rosy medium pink color with brown undertone. More like a my-lips-but-better lipstick that is ideal for everyday use. It has a sheer satin finish that comes out opaque after swiping the lipstick, well, a lot - like 4-6 times. But really, I don't mind because even with the most pigmented lipstick, I like swiping multiple times.

I love that it glides on smoothly because of its buttery texture. The scent of this lipstick is so good. It smells like a fruit juice of berry flavor. 

Php 95 at Kerry's Kit
Prior to taking off the lipstick from its packaging, the label of the lipstick has already faded a bit, but I think this kind of issue is normal on low-priced lipsticks. But I just don't like that the product label of my newly-bought lipstick has already faded. But thank goodness, it doesn't have any scratches. 
You just need to be extra careful removing or placing the cap because the lipstick bullet does not fully go down.  Also, the lipstick kinda feels hard when you first use it, but eventually, it will glide on smoothly after few uses.

e.l.f. Essentials lipstick in Seductive vs Estee Lauder' Double Wear lipstick in Stay Ginger
I forgot to take a picture of the swatch on my lips. And now, I can't find where I placed my camera. Anyway, here's a swatch of e.l.f. 's Seductive together with Estee Lauder's Stay Ginger. It's almost a close dupe in person. The Seductive is just brighter and sheer, whereas the Stay Ginger is much more pigmented, appears darker, and has no sheen.

What's your favorite MLBB lipstick? Mine's Estee's Stay Ginger, and the second fave? that would be Seductive.


  1. Pretty shades!! I really lean more into MLBB shades :) These are great drugstore finds!


    1. I like red color, but I'm loving MLBB shades these days :) Thanks Misty Mom!