New In: Estee Lauder Makeup Products

Who doesn't love free stuff? Especially if it's something you really want. My aunt knows how much I love makeup. I ignored the clothes she brought because I'm not really into clothes and accessories. I kept asking her if she has something for me - something like I could relate to. Haha. My Ates were with us when she's handing out the makeup to me. Wala kong palag but to let them take the two Estee Lauder lipsticks. My aunt said "Ikaw kasi, wala ka tuloy lipstick". She's blaming me that I was too excited to get the makeup and should have waited for the other girls to leave first. Hahaha,

I only had one product from Estee Lauder before these came in. I love my Double Wear Lipstick in Stay Ginger and I'm sure I'm going to love these new toys. I used to hate the signature scent they put in their products but I found myself liking it more each day.

I only get to own branded makeup because of my Titas and Ates. I wish I could buy something from MAC with my own money. I'm okay with drugstore products really, but if there's there are local drugstore brands that pack their products as elegant as Estee Lauder's,  I'll hoard from them for sure. I just wish Ever Bilena and Fashion 21 overhaul their product packaging. Black and gold will do!


  1. aww, those estee's packaging are so classy ^_~

    1. i know, right? haha. Thanks Ms. J! ♥