My Brushes from Landmark!

I'm so happy I got to write a real entry after weeks of running errands and attending occasions. I don't write during weekdays because I want those days for home and work. You can say that the last thing I would do for the whole month is writing on my blog.

For the month of May, I'll start off with my makeup brushes that I bought from Landmark department store. I'm a suki of Landmark, you can say. I hope they add more brush selection this year.

And would you believe that they have the cheapest retractable powder brushes!

Retractable powder brush - Php 89.75
Another soft brush here. I use this in applying my pressed powder or blusher. I like its metallic case in rose color. ♥

Retractable powder brush - Php 129.75

It's my most favorite powder brush to date because it's dense and comes packaged in a hygienic case, making it a perfect companion for traveling. It looks slightly cheap but it is very soft. 

Retractable lip brush - Php 60-70

I had been looking for a retractable lip brush for ages until I saw this one at Landmark sold at a very cheap price. Its bristles are so soft.

Eyeshadow brush - Php 50-60
I don't want to buy an eyeshadow brush that costs more than a hundred bucks because I'm not an eyeshadow kind of girl. This one is not as soft as my BC eyeshadow but it's not definitely scratchy.

Powder brush - Php 70-80
This is a regret buy because it's not super soft like my other powder brushes. At first, it felt soft but after I washed it the brush became loose and somewhat scratchy. I haven't even used it, not even once. 

Angled brush - Php 149.75
This one is another a somewhat-regret buy. I said somewhat because I still use it even if it sheds big time! The bristles are loose that I pulled out like 50 of them in one go. Up until now, it still loses one to three strands whenever I use it. I can't imagine it being a goner because I love this brush more than my other angled brushes.
Landmark angled brush vs BC angled brush
You can see that it's really dense and bigger than a regular angled blush brush.

Flat top brush - Php 149.75
I got the angled brush and this flat top brush from the same brand. Though there's no brand name written, I assume they're from the same manufacturer because they are placed inside the same plastic packaging.

Unlike the angled brush, I never experienced shedding from the flat top brush. I also love this one!

e.l.f. powder brush vs Landmark flat top brush
The bristles of this brush are kind of shorter than regular flat top brushes, thus, it feels more compact.

Overall, I love most of my brushes from Landmark department store. It goes to show that I don't need to buy expensive brushes from well-known brands just to experience the same look and feel they offer. I will be buying more brushes from Landmark as soon as they come out with new products.


  1. some 0f my brushes landmark din sis.. ung angled brush ko ndi naman nag lalagas sakin kahit madalas kong linisin.. ung sa powder brush naman sakin ewan ko kung same ung satin pero un akin ung linis ko nagulat ako kasi as in sobrang buhaghag try mo xa gamitan ng brush guard/net kung wala ka naman ako ginawa ko scatchtape na malaki pagdikitin mo ung side na madikit tas iroll mo na sa bristle para bumalik ung dating porma ok na naman xa... ako din fav ko ung kabuki 2yrs ago ko pa ata nabili un hihi..

    1. feel ko nga sis hit or miss lang yung sa angled kasi yung flat top naman is okay. will try your suggestion, i've been meaning to buy the brush guards. Grabe saya mamili sa Landmark! Haha. Thanks jhessica :)

  2. wow, the brushes look so stylish and elegant!! ^_~

  3. Hi! May I know which Landmark was it and what part exactly? I've been eyeing for that flat top brush for days! I didn't even find one in Landmark, TriNoma. :( Thanks in advance!

    1. they always run out of stock of the flat top brushes. i always pass by the brushes section everyday haha,they have it now! @ Landmark Trinoma, it is located at Ground floor. near cosmetics dept and toiletries :)

  4. I love the flat brush from landmark, after i saw your blog, bumili agad ako, it's very compact unlike the stippling brush from e.l.f. chineck ko sya pero parang hindi sya ganun ka compact.