Get Softer Hair In Just 1 Minute!

There are two things that Sunday reminds me of: one is getting a facial (though I don't really do this, attempt lang, hehe), and the other is pampering my hair with a hair treatment mask. I always make it a point that I apply hair mask at least twice a week, so a tub of hair mask is a staple in my bathroom. Recently, I have used up this product from TRESemme which I really love!

TRESemme's Thermal Recovery is specially made for heat-damaged hair. I don't get damaged hair because of heat styling tools, but I do get dry ends occasionally.  After using this product, the ends have become softer and my hair has gotten healthier. And the best part is, it's only Php 160

I also like its formula because it is not runny. It actually has this very thick consistency. Nothing I have seen before from other hair products. It smells good too! And what good about it is that it only requires as little as 5 minutes to take effect. Other brands would suggest you to leave the hair mask for at least 20-30 minutes. And I only leave mine for 1 minute! Still, it makes my hair super soft!

But there's a catch, and it's not totally a caveat anyway. Hair mask, in general, is hard to rinse off than regular shampoos and conditioners, and this one is definitely harder to get out of my hair. But it is not a very big deal if I have more time to spend in the bathroom every day. I actually think it's a good alternative for everyday conditioner, but it's not that practical if you are always on-the-go. (I have so many 'buts') But there's no doubt that this is the perfect choice if you hate spending 30 minutes or longer on your weekly hair regimen. 

I also got a free paddle brush - which I love to use every night before going to sleep - when I bought the hair mask along with their conditioner.

I strongly recommend this one to people who haven't' tried this and wants to restore the softness and shine of their hair. :) Share your weekly hair regimen by commenting below!


  1. Well as for my weekly hair regimen, I'm actually very loyal to HBC Hair Treatments. They're inexpensive and works well for me. Plus, I use Argan Oil regularly on my hair as well :)


    1. Hi Gellie, I love HBC Hair treatments too. You're going to love Tresemme too, swear! :)