The Daiso Japan's Natural Cleansing Cream Is A Total Bargain!

One of my worst makeup practice is wearing layers of foundation. And it's because I got lots of little dark spots to conceal. So I have this trusty cleansing cream that I really love ever since I used it that I never went back to cleansing oils again.

So here it is, my current favorite makeup remover! And it's only Php 88!

If you're familiar with their charcoal line, you know that each product has a sticker of a woman's face which I find so cute. It reminds me of Japanese cartoon characters that I used to watch every noon after school.

I don't know why Daiso released their products in the market without even consulting a grammar nazi to check the phrase and/or instruction printed on their packaging - because it is kind of funny. However, I like the packaging because it doesn't look cheap at all until you start to read the instruction and caution at the back, haha.

It says that it contains tiny beads of charcoal that absorb dust (pollution) from skin pores. 

What I like about this product:
  • Effectively removes my makeup. - Though I am not sure about waterproof makeup but I do own a few makeup that claims they're waterproof which I slightly doubt (even though I haven't tested them with water yet) and this cleansing cream removes them well.
  • Super nice smell.
  • Doesn't leave my skin tight and dry. - duh? haha.
  • A little goes a long way.

I like creams than cleansing oils because I don't feel greasy afterwards. That is why I'm going to repurchase this when I visit Saizen again.

And another great thing is that the tube was sealed, so you're sure it's not been tested by curious buyers.

What is your favorite makeup remover? I'll be glad to know, especially if it's cheaper than this. But I think this is the cheapest makeup remover I've come across yet :D


  1. Haven't given this specific Saizen product a try but would love to.However parang I haven't this one last visit ko. Out of stock, perhaps?


    1. I think when I visited there, there were ike 2-3 stocks lang. I don't see it at Daiso kahit na they're almost the same store.

  2. I wish we also have Daiso in Baguio.
    by the way, I just followed your blog. Hope you follow back fellow BBU member.. ^_^

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