New In: Kabuki Brushes and a Stippling Brush from Artist Studio

Finally, I'm getting rid of my biggest monthly expense. The TMJ treatment session, that is. However, I've been saving money for dental braces because my dentist requires me to get them after my TMJ treatment to permanently correct my bite. That is why shopping had taken a back seat for months.

I didn't have enough cash with me yesterday so I used my debit card to pay these. I swear I am never going to leave a large amount of money on my payroll account (I have a separate account for savings) again. It's tempting to spend money on pretty things, so I told myself that this is already my late Birthday present and Christmas gift to myself. That is kind of heartbreaking. Haha.

First, let's marvel at this beauty. It's my first time to see this kind of brush and I love the gradient color. 

As you can see, it is square in shape and very dense. It's quite large actually.

I had been waiting for Landmark to sell some stippling brush because they're once sold out until yesterday. When I saw this, I knew I really had to get it. This is quite a large stippling brush, obviously. I'm excited to use this in applying my liquid foundation because a lot of beauty bloggers say that using this gives you that airbrush effect and natural finish which I want to achieve.

Is this what you call a buffing brush? I'm not good at distinguishing types of brushes. This one is pretty small yet dense which I love to tote around.

Another flat top brush for me! I am not tired yet of collecting flat top brushes from different brands because they make buffing powder on your face effortlessly. This is the largest flat top brush I own. This is probably the most used brush out of all my new brushes. 

Above is a side-by-side comparison of Noconi's kabuki flat top brush vs e.l.f.'s flat top brush. See? It's that big.

Lastly, I got this stippling brush from Artist Studio's new line. What really got me is the white handle. I love anything white! I only saw two big brushes from the white brushes line: this stippling brush and a powder brush. I didn't buy their small brushes because I rarely use them, and the powder brush has quite a generic look.

It's small, bristles are few and quite scattered. I wanted to buy the one from e.l.f. but I got this one because it's a lot cheaper. Since it's small, I guess I'll use this in applying my cream blusher.

The first four kabuki brushes are from the brand Noconi. These brushes are being sold for Php 129.75 to Php 149.75. They're affordable and extremely soft! Get them now before they increase the price! 


  1. They all look so soft and fluffy! ♥ I love brushes from Landmark too! Also, inggit ako sa 2-week VL mo! :)

    1. quota na 'ko sa brushes huhuhu. yata? lol. first job ko kasi 'to Ms. Helen, and noong new hire ako wala akong VL pa ng december 2012 dahil wala pa 'ko six months noon, so I'd took advantage of the holidays. hahahah.