Fake Real Techniques Brushes? They Exist!

[UPDATE] You know what? I don't care anymore if these are fakes. These are my finest brushes to date!

It's been months since I last posted something on this blog. Honestly, I got quite lazy writing and taking pictures. So last Saturday, I got somewhat overjoyed when I saw this set from the makeup brushes section of Landmark Trinoma. I grabbed this set of pretty pink brushes and paid the cashier Php 498.75. Although I already knew that Landmark sells items from Divisoria, it never crossed my mind that they would actually have the guts to sell fake items. I don't own the authentic set prior to my purchase but I had gifted the Core Collection to someone which I bought from KALM cosmetics two years ago. I remember it cost roughly a thousand pesos. So thought it's a bargain! Then I posted the above picture to my Facebook account and captioned that I think I bought a fake one because the price is too good to be true. I also learned online that the Core Collection doesn't come in pink or violet color (they also have this one in violet at Landmark). Then a friend of mine told me that fake Real Techniques are scattered all over Divisoria.

I checked the labels and they are slightly chipping off. I don't know if this happens to the original Real Techniques brushes. But I really don't mind because it's not ideal to carry fake items and sooner or later they'd look like just the ripoff.


  1. Honestly, I absolutely don't mind buying these for myself. AT ALL. Haha it's cheap. If it works. It works. I'm not after the label anyway. :)

  2. Hi CJ, actually there are much cheaper Real Techniques-inspired brush sets, I think I saw one sa isang online shop , ranging from 300 - 500 pero yun mas madaming brushes! Eto kasi I think it costs much cheaper at Divi! haha. 498 is too steep for fake items. :|

  3. Sis nakikita ko din sa mga online shop yung ganyan mahal nga benta eh, then mas mura yung bh cosmetics na brush set tagal kasi ng diane brush ng beaty cosmetics sa galleria, kaya di nalang ako bumili. Then sa mga bag gusto ko sana bumili ng longchamp, ay day! Nanghihinayang ako sa pera ko baka kasi high quality replica lang yung mga yun.

  4. How to spot authentic and fake ones?

    1. Hi lovehurts!

      This particular set (Core Collection) is only available in color gold. Fakes may come in different colors, like the one I posted above. :)