My Favorite Local Fragrances

Today, I want to share my favorite fragrances from our local brands. Just a very quick review about these two gems.

Penshoppe Denim Love for women. I was browsing online forums for dupes of high-end perfumes, and someone said that Penshoppe is selling a eau de toilette that smells like Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege. I never own one but I bought a Lanvin-inspired tester from BC Fragrance. It has this detectable jasmine (Sampaguita) scent but smells 'sosyal'; whereas, this one from Penshoppe is fainter to almost none smells exactly like the Lily-scented hand cream from Nature's Republic, so I would say Eclat should smell like Lilies. Nevertheless, it's a lovely scent for grown-up ladies. Anyway, I have a love-hate relationship with this one, because there were days that I was having a different body chemistry with the scent. I would definitely buy this again! But even if it's just a eau de toilette, it lasts throughout the day. Overall, it smells nice, feminine and posh. Since the scent lasts long and it is available in small bottle which you can tote around, it's first on my list. 

[UPDATE] I already smelled the Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege from one their kiosks in a department store. It really smells like the one from Penshoppe. But surprisingly, the tester from BC fragrance  is more appealing to me. :) 

for me Love Love. I don't usually frequent for me boutiques, even though I love their dainty interior. Who would have thought that they have nice-smelling fragrances may I add. But the one that caught my nose is the fresh, clean and mellowed down fruity/floral scent of Love Love. It was love at first sniff. It reminds me of D & G Light Blue or Victoria's Secret PINK Fresh and Clean. This could have taken the #1 spot, but the scent doesn't last long on my skin and clothes, that's why I always bring it with me. The bottle's not bulky so it's okay, but I find spritzing often a nuisance.


Tangerine by Zen Zest. I often get compliments when I wear Tangerine. Surprisingly, it doesn't smell like tangerine or oranges. It smells like melons, actually. The real deal here is the musky notes that made this a grown-up version of melon fragrances. 

Blush by Zen Zest. I love perfumes that smell like Sampaguita. Is that weird? The sales lady told me that this is the only jasmine-based EDT from their collection. It doesn't smell like our Philippine Sampaguita, so I guess it's a different kind of jasmine. I learned this perfume from Say because I asked her favorite perfume (via Twitter). The scent reminds me of a shy girl that is just starting to bloom into a fine lady. (Corny? Haha). It has this very nice floral opening that dries down to a cottony scent. It definitely reminds me of blooming flowers, that's why I think it's called Blush.
The best thing about them is that they're affordable and readily available. They're under Php 300, except for the big bottle of Denim Love. Share your favorite perfumes from Filipino brands by commenting below!

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  1. Nice nice! Maamoy nga yang mga nasa list mo hehe :)