Instagram | PH Beauty Accounts to Follow!

I love Instagram! And a lot of people do. It's kind of entertaining to browse photos of bloggers and celebrities but I actually spend most of my (IG) time window shopping for makeup and clothes. I did not intend to pick just five accounts. It's just that, I can only think of these accounts right now. I did not include those Instagram users who have pioneered beauty blogging in our country because most probably you're following at least one of them.  Anyhow, let's see my top picks, in no particular order. 

I have a thing for good flat lays taken with natural light. It's rare for me to find an Instagram feed like Maj's, probably because I had stopped engaging myself from the beauty network for quite a long time. When I started following her, she has taken a bunch of photos featuring Ever Bilena products, which makes the brand more appealing. EB should give props to this girl!


Raiza (Rai) is a Manila-based makeup artist who regularly facilitates makeup workshops. It's unlike me to follow bloggers who are full-time makeup artists because I'm someone who loves browsing through photos of beauty products than looking at selfies or FOTDs - but of course, I like pretty girls, haha. Besides, her flawless sultry looks have a signature feel to it which I like, because anything that is too experimental doesn't fly with me. I like her even more when she started vlogging during her Beauty Bound Asia stint.


Another makeup artist on my list! Being a Kathryn Bernardo fan, it's normal to get curious who's behind her fresh-faced look, and ever since I learned about her, I instantly became a fan of her work! If you've been living under a rock, Denise Ochoa is widely known in the showbiz industry as the go-to makeup artist of many female Filipino celebrities. Her signature makeup look is every girl's peg - dewy, fresh and natural. I often find myself wishing I could hire her as my bridal makeup artist - well if funds permit. Haha.


This is not exactly a beauty account but for the fashion savvy. Apparently, our metropolis is not a place for the Plain Jane to strut her stuff - Hello, hassle commutes! That is why I like Ms. Villanueva's OOTDs. They are relatable and wearable. Her wardrobe staples are crisp and minimalist, yet very chic. I personally think that young professionals should take an example from her. Her style is contemporary and youthful.


I stumbled across her account when an online seller that I have been following regrammed her lip swatches. She regularly features organic beauty products or drugstore makeup that are being sold online. She takes beautiful swatch fests too! I really wanted to try the products she recommends but I have too many in my stash.

Maybe you can recommend an Instagram account that I haven't discovered yet?