Affordable Alternatives to Your Designer Perfumes

Yay! I'm back and I got my blog a major revamp. I hope it's not an on-and-off thing for me again. Not such a long time ago, I created a new blog that uses the blog name that I initially wanted. I even announced it here. But, I really can't stand the free templates and text editor of Tumblr. So anyway, I felt like posting the local fragrances that I am using right now because of Jessica who thanked me for my previous post of local perfumes. She said she found her favorite. You're welcome and thank you, Jessica!

Below are my new finds from two different brands. Sorry, I forgot the exact prices! But I can guarantee that they are very affordable. It will not cost you Php 400.


I bought this on a whim because I ran out of perfume and I needed something that's within my budget. I had to travel the next day and meet my boyfriend in Cebu, therefore, I had to smell good. Haha. The sales attendant suggested this to me because it is one of their long lasting fragrances. One whiff and you would be reminded of  Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste. It's not a close dupe because I can tell that it has a high alcohol content. Although it smells nice, I just feel neutral towards it. Probably because Amethyste is already overrated, and most local brands try to copy the smell. Still, it is an ideal fragrance for work. Not too musky and not overpowering. The best thing is that you can refill the bottle for a discounted price. Plus, the bottle doesn't look and feel cheap at all.

PLAINS & PRINTS SERENITY (Peony and Freesia Florets)

This smells so good! It's my latest find from one of my Christmas shopping trips to the mall. The beautifully designed bottle caught my attention. The gold rim makes it look like a Victoria's Secret body spray. Anyway, I hope I'm not mistaken, but, it smells like Incanto Shine. I guess this is a fruity-floral scent: There's a fruit of some sort that I smell, but not very juicy. If I spray it on my skin, there's a very faint cream scent. Whatever it's made of, it certainly deserves its name. Overall, this is a lovely fresh scent. I suggest you test perfumes from women's boutiques like forMe, Kamiseta and Plains & Prints. I find most of their perfumes uncomplicated and more likable.

These fragrances don't last long on me, so I need to spray midday.

I hope this post helps you on your bargain hunt! Please let me know if there crowd-pleasing fragrances from Filipino brands.


  1. Have you heard of the local perfume brand named Christine Lhuillier? Most of the perfumes they sell are Jo Malone inspired :D They have EDT and cologne versions.
    Jessica |

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Thank you for the tip. I've seen their Facebook fan page, instagram posts and the brand looks promising. Their bottles look cute too!