Budget Beauty | My Favorite Tinted Lip Balm from a Local Brand!

First of all, thanks to Karen for letting me use one of her photos on my blog. Mine's already all white, the lip balm that is because the print on the sticker easily rubs off.

Before being fixated on this tinted lip balm, I was a fan of AVON's Simple Pretty Magic Lipstick (it's even Kathryn Bernado's favorite). But then I discovered this lip balm from Skin Potions through my sister who's fond of using organic skin care products. She bought it from Pop Culture Trinoma, where you can also find some online sellers selling clothes and beauty products. If you're not familiar with Skin Potions, it is one of those budding online stores who offer makeup and skin care products, mostly organic. Here in the Philippines, 2015 was a huge year for Instagram sellers of organic skin care products!

It was hard for me to find a tinted lip balm that I really like because most of them are not moisturizing and are too sheer for my liking. I know tinted lip balms are supposed to make your lips still look natural. But, I have dark lips so if the color is sheer it will not look good on me - I feel like it looks forced and tacky. 

I only have the shade Snow White's Kiss, which is a true red color on me. On other girls, it looks more pink than red. You can check Karen's lip swatches here. I like pink tints the least because they remind me of Lipps Candy - the one we used to buy as kids then use it as a lipstick because it leaves a pink stain.

Anyway, this is the kind of tinted lip balm that I was looking for: First, it is moisturizing - prevent dry lips. Second, it's pigmented. It sure is not an alternative to an opaque lipstick, but the amount of the liquid tint in the lip salve is greater than most tinted lip balms that I have tried. Third, this is the kind of tinted lip balm that leaves a good amount of stain even after eating.

About the not so good side - it has a bitter taste. I can tolerate the taste but it may be off-putting to many. If you're someone who likes licking lips or locking lips with the bf, you might want to blot with a tissue first. Because it's definitely not a boyfriend-friendly taste. 

While I prefer mine red, Skin Potions offers a variety of different colors. You can order it from your nearest online re-seller but it's also available in selected malls.

Skin  Potions Lip Candy | Php 180 | Official Instagram Account: @skinpotions
The photo above is from the Dream Catcher blog.