NEW IN: Essensu Hair Spritz in Sayaka

Essensu Lifestyle Essentials is fairly new in the market and one of their heavily promoted products is the scented hair fragrance spritz seemingly inspired by anything Japanese (think of cherry blossom).

One of the things I love doing in Malaysia is eating. It bothers me that the smell of food sticks to my hair whenever I eat at restaurants, not just in Malaysia, but pretty much a 'mane' problem everywhere. So I asked my sister who's working for the company to get me a bottle of their hair spritz because I had no time to buy my travel essentials for my trip.

Scent / Size / Price

I initially wanted to get Sakura (cherry blossom) but the Sis told me that the scent Sayaka is their best-seller and Kris Aquino's favorite. For its name, I expected a fruity-floral scent but it smells citrusy and crisp. It's actually a versatile scent if  I may add.

One of its ingredients is deodorized ethyl alcohol. Anyway, I don't feel like googling it right now. Haha.  I don't really like the idea of spraying alcohol on my hair but the argan oil sort of eases my worry away. Priced at Php 350 a bottle, the 30 ml hair mist is somewhat pricey. I don't really use it daily because I always work from home anyway, so it's fine to spray it religiously when I'm out.

Longevity / Caveat

On my hair, the scent lasts for less than an hour but you can still notice a faint smell throughout the day so you're not totally left with unscented hair. It will help mask the smell of food but is not effective in covering the smell of sweat on your scalp. However, it's not a big deal because who does have a sweet-smelling scalp anyway?

Tips / How to use

The key here is to spray it sparingly on your hair few minutes after you step out of the restaurant. This is to give enough time to lessen the smell of food before putting hair fragrance, or else it would smell funny - although tolerable. Make sure to shake well before use until the fragrance and the serum are mixed together. It is advised to hold the bottle 3 to 4 inches away from the head. Then, spray the product on random sections of your hair.

Availability / Social media accounts / Final thoughts

I always bring this with me and it has been one of my daily must-haves. It is affordable and convenient to carry around. Plus, the product is housed in a fancy bottle adorned with a little ribbon which I find really cute.

It's available in Essensu kiosks and I believe they also deliver within the country. For branches in Metro Manila, I was only able to get the following: SM North EDSA, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Place Manila, Cash and Carry Mall and Fisher Mall and Skin Perfect branches nationwide. 

Visit Essensu Facebook Page or their Instagram @accountessensu_ph for more info.

I'm curious if you also find it necessary to use scented hair mist daily when you're out and about. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.