NEW IN: Mushroom Brush

Introducing my first makeup brush purchase this 2016! I like unconventional makeup brushes because they add a special feel to my vanity table. So, when I saw this at Pretty Angel Shoppe I knew I had to get one. They used to have a showroom near my place but they've relocated which is not actually far from our village. But, I didn't want to go all the way out there just to buy a single brush so I asked my sister to get this from their booth at Pop Culture Trinoma on her way home.

The short bristles are soft and dense. I have used this in applying my BB cream and it did a good job in reducing my application time in half.

It comes with a free brush guard and is also available in black and baby pink, but I love the white color the most because it just looks so pristine.

Next on my wish list is a paddle foundation brush. The set is too expensive (Php 4,000 is the cheapest) and the brushes in color gold are not sold individually! So I'm waiting for a re seller who would release a similar brush for a more affordable price. If you know one, kindly tell me!

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  1. I really love this brush that you attached on your blog. I found it more helpful and easy to use. Thanks for sharing :)

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