A Stroll Down Nagore Square, Penang

This is just one of the posts on my short stay in George Town, Penang. I was glad to find out that George Town has restaurants and cafes that resemble those found in Quezon City (think of Maginhawa, Tomas Morato or Timog).

One night while strolling along Nagore Road and checking out the establishments, we happened to pass by this quirky restaurant called PIK NIK crowded with large groups of what looked like college students. We were lucky to find a table the next day just before patrons started to come in, and had our late snack there. Customers can play and dine at the same time because they got card and board games.

Their menu isn't much, but it has pasta and rice meals if you really want to have a full meal. We ordered waffles with bacon and eggs paired with maple syrup, cheesy baked macaroni and fries.

The waffle was good - I enjoyed it because I like my food sweet and salty. I only had a little of the baked macaroni because the waffle was quite heavy on the stomach.

I was disappointed in their iced lemon tea. It's not the same brewed tea that is served in most restaurants in Malaysia. It tasted like the powdered drink we have here in PH. Anyway, it's a good thing Christian liked his toffee drink. 

I loved all the dips for our fries! We had wasabi and honey mustard aside from the usual ketchup.

I wanted to get myself some gelato but I was too full. So, we went back to the hotel and took a nap because we didn't know what else to do and it just looked like we're killing time. 

After the long nap, we checked out the nearest mall from Nagore Square (just walking distance from PP Island Hotel). I took this photo while we're on our way. Apparently, Penang has a thing for street arts. 

In Malaysia, they really go all out with the Chinese New Year decors. You have got to see their malls. So many faux cherry blossom trees everywhere!

Even if it was a Friday night and two days before Chinese New Year, Nagore Square wasn't swarming with people. Penang is very laid back indeed - very Fairview, Quezon City. Haha.

Another, I-need-to-capture-this street art photo. 

After my hour-long shopping at a Guardian pharmacy, we grabbed some drinks at a bar located along a short stretch of an alley.

I got a mocktail garnished with a blinking object. The people beside our table were in awe too. 

Yours truly enjoying the drink. I had too many frizzy drinks from this short trip.

 A mandatory photo of us. I wish we could stay like this forever, living carefree. We had a petty fight that night because I didn't want to be taught about the camera settings (silly, he-he).

That is all for this one-day wander at Nagore Square. If you happen to be visiting Penang and your hotel is just a few blocks away from Jalan Nagore, want to dine and wine, check out retail stores (more like window shopping because some boutiques are pricey), include this in your itinerary. I believe there are also nail salons and spa houses here. It's not called a lifestyle hub for nothing.

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